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The America Without Faith Project

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What Is It?

The America Without Faith project is a tool developed by the RSC to understand the value the faith-based institutions contribute to America’s communities. How many people receive hot meals or have a place to sleep each night? How many shelters are constructed or counseling sessions provided? How do faith-based organizations provide for our fellow citizens and advance U.S. interests in ways our government alone cannot or does not? Does the solution to breaking the cycle of poverty lie within private, faith-based organizations, instead of a government leviathan bogged down by politics?
Why Is It Needed?

The Faith project aims to help Members of Congress and religious liberty advocates communicate about how important the work of faith-based groups are for our nation today, and how federal polices can affect these efforts. Over 45 million Americans live below the poverty line. Over 500,000 people in a single night experience homelessness in America. Over 15 million children live in households without enough to eat. American families, and families across the globe, are suffering. Despite more than 80 federal programs in place to provide federal welfare benefits at a cost of $1 trillion per year, the government is overspending and underperforming, and people are suffering.

At the same time, America’s religious institutions exist on shaky ground. Over the past decade they have faced repeated challenges to their very existence, including threats to revoke their tax-exempt status—the very thing that makes it possible for many of these organizations to do the good work that they do. In order for our government and Americans to truly understand the value of our religious community, we need to give a better understanding of how this community serves those in need and how much they provide to the social safety net in ways the government does not.

Contact: Jennifer Weinhart

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