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Chairman Walker on Newly-released Omnibus Text

Mar 22, 2018
Press Release

Washington - Republican Study Committee Chairman Mark Walker released the following statement after the release of the omnibus text:

"For several years, Republicans were justifiably critical of the Obama administration’s spending levels driving up the national debt. Even worse was the intentional bleeding of our defense creating a new national security concern. Due to the intentional weakening by the previous administration, our military readiness is grossly lacking if called on to defend our country.

"Yet, at the same time, I am troubled by the increasing deficits being created by our Republican majority. It is imperative that we curb Washington’s out-of-control spending addiction that has not been slowed under Republican rule. Since the 1980’s our mandatory spending has exploded from 30% of our budget to a startling 70%. We are leaving our children and grandchildren an insurmountable financial burden that is impossible to resolve.

"What will it take for Republican majorities to offer the reforms needed, removing the shackles of a crippling debt?"