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Mar 2, 2020

WASHINGTON – Republican Study Committee (RSC) Chairman Mike Johnson (LA-04) today released the following statement regarding the announcement that the Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA):


“The Supreme Court is right to weigh in on the constitutionality of the ACA, but its decision will not change the fact that the ACA has failed to deliver affordability, options, and access to quality care – all things that are essential for protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions. The RSC has spent over a year preparing to lead Americans down a new path; one that will deliver greater access to affordable, personalized health care. We have put forward a detailed plan that will protect vulnerable Americans – including those with pre-existing conditions, chronic illness, and serious health issues – while reducing premiums, deductibles, and overall health care costs. And just as importantly, it stands as a workable alternative to the radical proposals being embraced by the Left which would force all Americans into a government-run, one-size-fits-all health care system.”



Feb 19, 2020


U.S. Representative Jim Jordan, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and U.S. Representative Mike Johnson following their meeting at the prime minister's official residence in Jerusalem. Click here to download the full resolution image.

JERUSALEM – RSC Chairman Mike Johnson (LA-04) and former RSC Chairman Jim Jordan (OH-04) today met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the prime minister's official residence in Jerusalem. The discussion centered upon the "Peace to Prosperity" plan proposed by the Trump administration and the extraordinary achievements that have been made possible in Israel over the past three years by the close cooperation between the two governments.


We were honored to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu this morning, and greatly enjoyed our discussion,” said Chairman Johnson. “These are hugely consequential times for both the United States and Israel, and the strength of our partnership is important not only for our countries, but for all of the Middle East and all of the world."

Feb 10, 2020

WASHINGTON – Republican Study Committee Chairman Mike Johnson (R-La.) today released the following statement in response to the release of President Donald Trump’s budget:


“Staring down the barrel of trillion dollar annual deficits, and having wasted over 130 days on impeachment, the Democrats have decided to continue their annual tradition of not offering a federal budget. Federal budgets are more than the numbers they contain, they are a statement of our values, our aspirations, and our approach to tackle the most challenging issues facing the nation.


“Where the Democrats have shirked this crucial responsibility, yet again, Republicans are working together to keep our promise to the American people. As RSC looks to produce and share its FY 2021 budget, I commend President Trump for releasing his budget today. The President’s budget respects the God-given rights of every American while prioritizing our military and border security, tackling waste, fraud, and abuse head-on, and making the necessary changes to ensure the long-term sustainability of our economy and our nation. I look forward to continuing this work with President Trump to ensure that America remains a land of liberty, opportunity, and security for generations to come.”

Feb 6, 2020

WASHINGTON – Today, the Republican Study Committee (RSC) released Power, Practices, Personnel: 100+ Commonsense Solutions to Better Government (click here to download the full report). Spearheaded by RSC Chairman Mike Johnson (LA-04) and RSC Government Efficiency, Accountability, and Reform (GEAR) Task Force Chairman Greg Gianforte (MT-At Large), the solutions-oriented plan is a conservative blueprint for reforming the federal bureaucracy to provide Americans with a more efficient, effective, and accountable government.

RSC’s plan focuses on three key pillars:

  1. Power: Reforming Government Power Structures

Enacting policies to restore the balance of power between the three co-equal branches of government and reclaim congressional power ceded to unelected bureaucrats

  1. Practices: Reforming Government Practices

Advancing both broad institutional reforms and targeted solutions to eliminate waste, duplication, and inefficiency across the federal government

  1. Personnel: Reforming Government Personnel Policies

Embracing lessons learned from the current economic boom to encourage innovation, improve morale, and increase the effectiveness of our dedicated federal workers

“The federal government is too large; it does too many things; and what it does, it usually does not do very well. Congress created this problem. The Republican Study Committee has the resolve and the solutions to fix it,” said Chairman Johnson. “Good government shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Everyone in Congress should agree that the egregious items we’ve identified in this report – including millions of dollars in payments to the deceased, thousands of unused office buildings, and a federal government that has literally lost count of the number of programs it runs – are unacceptable. This commonsense plan is a roadmap to a federal government that is more efficient, effective, and accountable.  We owe it to the millions of Americans who fund this government to work together to put it into action.”

“As an entrepreneur and businessman, I know how important it is to make a business more efficient, deliver a high-quality product to customers, and mentor and develop a high-performing staff. The federal government should operate the same way. Our commonsense, three-step proposal provides a roadmap with over 100 solutions to achieve that goal,” said Congressman Gianforte. “Working with experts, lawmakers, and members of the Trump administration, our Government, Efficiency, and Reform Task Force developed an actionable, nonpartisan plan to reclaim government from unelected bureaucrats, make the federal government more efficient and accountable to taxpayers, and further develop our dedicated federal workers so they can deliver better results for the American people.”


Jan 9, 2020

WASHINGTON – Republican Study Committee Chairman Mike Johnson (R-La.) released the following statement after voting against a partisan resolution to prevent President Trump from responding to additional acts of war by Iran:


“In the past two weeks, Iran and its proxies have killed an American citizen, targeted U.S. forces and attacked the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad – all clearly defined acts of war. By taking decisive action, President Trump has managed to de-escalate this crisis and deliver peace through American strength. Today, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats voted to undermine that delicate peace and give Iran an open invitation to escalate their attacks by granting them near-immunity from swift American retaliation. This overly-restrictive resolution is counterproductive, dangerous and unprecedented in the aftermath of an act of war against the United States. These bad faith political games have to end. The safety and security of our nation are at stake.”

Dec 19, 2019

WASHINGTON – Republican Study Committee Chairman Mike Johnson (R-La.) today released the following statement after voting in favor of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA):

“President Trump and House Republicans promised a trade deal that finally puts America first. Today, we delivered.

“While I’m disappointed Democrats needlessly held it up for more than a year, I’m proud to have helped get the USMCA across the finish line so it can finally bring more jobs, higher wages and greater opportunities to hardworking Americans.

“This updated trade agreement will add over $68 billion to our economy, create 176,000 jobs and increase the amount of ‘made-in-America’ products across the continent. It’s a shame Speaker Pelosi held such common-sense legislation hostage while House Democrats devoted all of their time to a fraudulent and evidence-free impeachment.”

Dec 18, 2019
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Republican Study Committee Chairman Mike Johnson (LA-04) and RSC Health Care Task Force Chairman Roger Marshall, M.D. (KS-01) today released the following joint statement in response to a federal appeals court ruling that the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual mandate provision is unconstitutional while remanding the larger question on the overall constitutionality of the ACA back to federal district court:
“The verdict on the ACA was in long before today’s decision. It has failed to deliver affordability, choice, or access to quality care – all things vitally important to people with pre-existing conditions. The Republican Study Committee has a better plan – one that will protect people with pre-existing conditions, empower patients & families, and personalize the American health care system.”
On October 22, 2019, the RSC released The RSC Health Care Plan: A Framework for Personalized, Affordable Care (click here to download full report). Spearheaded by Johnson, Marshall, and members of the RSC Health Care Task Force, the RSC Health Care Plan would protect vulnerable Americans – including those with pre-existing conditions, chronic illness, and serious health issues – while reducing premiums, deductibles, and overall health care costs.
The product of a year of research and stakeholder discussions, the RSC’s approach to achieve more personalized, affordable care is designed to empower patients and doctors rather than bureaucrats and insurance companies. 
The RSC Health Care Plan is presented as an alternative to Democrat proposals to double-down on the failing status quo or force all Americans off their current insurance plans – including those with employer-sponsored coverage – and into a one-size-fits-all, government-run health care system.
For more information on the RSC Health Care Plan, click here.
Dec 17, 2019

WASHINGTON – Republican Study Committee Chairman Mike Johnson (R-La.) today released the following statement after voting against a $1.37 trillion spending bill – totaling more than 2,300 pages – that was fast-tracked through the House in less than 24 hours:


“I cannot in good conscience vote for a trillion-dollar spending bill that was handed to me less than 24 hours ago. With an unprecedented $23 trillion national debt, it’s time for Congress to stop rubber-stamping these colossal spending packages and start exercising a little fiscal responsibility. Voters demand it, taxpayers deserve it and the future security of our nation depends on it.”